Welcome to NAAAP Pride

Our Mission

Empower, educate, engage, and celebrate the Asian American LGBTQ+ professional community.

NAAAP Pride is a national program by The National Association of Asian American Professionals. It is here to empower, educate, engage, and celebrate the Asian American LGBTQ+ professional community and its allies by providing education, promoting visibility, and developing current and future LGBTQ+ leaders. We will provide resources and support for those in all stages of the coming out process and for those creating safe and affirming work and learning spaces where Asian American LGBTQ+ students and employees can live, work, and study safely, openly, and genuinely.

Our Objectives

  • Educating our members and associated individuals about the Asian American LGBTQ+ community.
  • Promoting visibility and offering support from NAAAP to members, engage allies, and corporations including their HR and Diversity and Inclusion departments.
  • Identify and celebrate strategic partners, supporters, and advancements within the Asian American LGBTQ+ community.

Last Pride Talk Live

Happy Pride!

Check out our first ever Pride Talk Live, Still Rising. We presented a brief history of the modern LGBTQ rights movement and shared what Pride means to all of us.

NOTE: We had some audio issues for the first 5 minutes. The video link should start at the 5-minute mark. 


NAAAP Pride Onboarding Document


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Pride Talk Podcast


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